KTN and SBN Electro-Optic Crystals
Ultra Large Electro-Optic Effects

1.  High Quality Optical Transparent Crystal: SrBaNb2O6 (SBN)

SBN is a very attractive material for technological applications and basic research due to its
outstanding photorefractive, electro-optic, nonlinear optic, and dielectric properties.  SBN:61
electro-optic crystal has a very large electro-optic coefficient up to 1400 pm/V.

2.  Research Grade Optical Transparent Crystal: KTaNbO3 (KTN)

KTN is transparent isotropic crystal with very large electro-optic coefficients of about >600
pm/V, which is 20 times larger than that of conventional LiNbO3.